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Name Code Type
Extended postgraduate dissertation UINVL6-120- Module
Academic skills for sport UISXKY-15-1 Module
Accounting information for business UISV5W-15-2 Module
Advanced animal microbiology UINV4T-15-3 Module
Advanced animal nutrition UINV4S-15-3 Module
Advanced animal production UINXJJ-20-3 Module
Advanced animal production UINV4V-15-3 Module
Advanced equitation UIEXR5-15-2 Module
Advances in animal behaviour UINXKL-15-M Module
Advances in horse and rider performance UIEV4G-30-3 Module
Agri-environmental policy and legislation UILXSK-15-2 Module
Agricultural professional development UILVLM-30-1 Module
Analysis of equestrian sports UIEXCD-20-3 Module
Anatomy and physiology UINXNW-30-1 Module
Anatomy and physiology for animal therapists UINV6E-30-1 Module
Anatomy for veterinary nurses UINXNP-30-1 Module
Animal and equine nutrition UINXQ9-15-1 Module
Animal behaviour UINXNS-30-1 Module
Animal disease UINXJV-20-3 Module
Animal disease UINV3J-30-3 Module
Animal genetics UINXGV-10-1 Module
Animal genetics UINXNV-15-1 Module
Animal health and disease UINXKK-15-1 Module
Animal husbandry for veterinary nurses UINXNT-15-1 Module
Animal industry UINVLS-30-2 Module
Animal management UINVLL-30-1 Module
Animal management ii UINVK9-30-2 Module
Animal microbiology UINXRK-15-2 Module
Animal nutrition UINXK5-15-1 Module
Animal practice UINVX3-30-1 Module
Animal production UINXSL-15-2 Module
Animal psychology UINXJM-10-3 Module
Animal psychology UINV4X-15-3 Module
Animal reproductive physiology UINXRM-15-2 Module
Animal therapy UINXU4-15-2 Module
Animal therapy 2 UINV36-15-3 Module
Animal trade and welfare UINV37-15-3 Module
Animal welfare assessment UINVHT-10-2 Module
Animal welfare assessment UINXSM-15-2 Module
Anthrozoology UINXJF-10-3 Module
Anthrozoology UINV38-15-3 Module
Applied animal health and disease UINXSN-30-2 Module
Applied animal nutrition UINXSP-15-2 Module
Applied business management UINXJE-10-3 Module
Applied business management UINXKU-15-3 Module
Applied ecology in wildlife management UILXTF-15-2 Module
Applied equine diagnostics and therapy UIEXR6-15-2 Module
Applied equine ethology UIEV4R-15-3 Module
Applied equine exercise physiology UIEXKX-30-M Module
Applied equine nutrition UIEXR7-15-2 Module
Applied motor learning and control in strength and conditioning UISV63-30-M Module
Applied performance analysis UISXQQ-20-3 Module
Applied research project UINV3S-30-3 Module
Applied skills for sport and exercise nutritionists UISV59-15-2 Module
Applied skills for sports therapists UISXTK-30-2 Module
Applied sport and exercise physiology UISV3T-15-3 Module
Applied strength and conditioning UISXSA-30-2 Module
Applied stud management UIEXRJ-30-2 Module
Beef and sheep production UILXSQ-15-2 Module
Behavioural and evolutionary ecology UINXSR-30-2 Module
Behavioural measurement UINVLD-10-2 Module
Behavioural measurement UINXSS-15-2 Module
Biochemistry UINXNY-15-1 Module
Biodiversity UINXK6-15-1 Module
Biodiversity and conservation UINV39-15-3 Module
Breeding for performance UIEXKP-15-M Module
Business management for the equine industry UIEXCN-20-3 Module
Business management for the equine industry UIEV4J-15-3 Module
Business studies UINXQY-15-1 Module
Cellular mechanisms of development UINXJN-10-3 Module
Coach education in context UISXMW-15-M Module
Coaching children UISXRT-15-2 Module
Coaching craft UISVM3-30-M Module
Coaching pedagogy UISXS4-15-2 Module
Coaching placement UISXM6-30-1 Module
Coaching placement 2 UISXSF-30-2 Module
Coaching practice portfolio (reflective coaching) UISV3U-30-3 Module
Coaching practice portfolio - coaching pedagogy UISXRS-30-2 Module
Coaching practice portfolio - coaching theory UISXL4-30-1 Module
Coaching work based learning portfolio 2 UISVM8-15-M Module
Coaching work based learning portfolio 3 UISVM9-15-M Module
Coaching work-based extended project UISVM7-45-M Module
Coaching work-based learning portfolio UISVM5-15-M Module
Coaching work-based learning project UISVM6-30-M Module
Companion animal behaviour and training UINXLU-10-2 Module
Companion animal behaviour and training UINXST-15-2 Module
Comparative and applied anatomy, physiology and biomechanics UIEXKV-15-M Module
Comparative sports study UISXL5-15-1 Module
Complete injury management UISV4U-15-3 Module
Conservation professional development UILVLP-30-1 Module
Contemporary issues in animal welfare science UINXKM-15-M Module
Contemporary issues in equestrian sport UIEV4H-15-3 Module
Contemporary issues in sports education UISV3V-15-3 Module
Contemporary issues in sports management UISV5U-15-1 Module
Contemporary practice in sports conditioning UISV3W-15-3 Module
Countryside communication and education UILXSU-15-2 Module
Crop management UILXSJ-15-2 Module
Crop production UILXSH-15-1 Module
Current issues in strength and conditioning UISV47-15-3 Module
Curriculum studies UISXS8-30-1 Module
Dairy herd management UILXSV-15-2 Module
Data analysis UINXPW-15-2 Module
Developing the performance environment UISXSG-30-2 Module
Developments in animal science UINXJB-20-3 Module
Developments in animal science UINV3G-15-3 Module
Developments in equine science UIEXCB-20-3 Module
Developments in equine science UIEV4K-15-3 Module
Diagnostics for veterinary nurses UINXQ6-15-2 Module
Dissertation bsc UINXJH-40-3 Module
Emergency care for sports therapists UISXTH-15-1 Module
Emerging issues in agriculture UILXK3-30-3 Module
Epidemiology UINXJD-10-3 Module
Epidemiology UINV3H-15-3 Module
Equestrian industry reflection UIEVK4-15-2 Module
Equestrian practice UIEVL3-30-1 Module
Equine behaviour and welfare UIEXQW-30-M Module
Equine biomechanics UIEXR8-15-2 Module
Equine diagnostics and therapy UIEXR9-15-2 Module
Equine disease and disorders UIEXRA-15-2 Module
Equine ethics and welfare UIEV4L-15-3 Module
Equine event organisation UIEXRB-15-2 Module
Equine exercise physiology UIEXRG-30-2 Module
Equine functional anatomy UIEXN8-30-1 Module
Equine industry UIEXNK-15-1 Module
Equine nutrition UIEXRC-15-2 Module
Equine nutrition for performance UIEV4M-15-3 Module
Equine performance UIEXRD-15-2 Module
Equine reproductive techniques UIEXCQ-10-3 Module
Equine sports medicine UIEV4N-15-3 Module
Equine structure and function UIEXN4-30-1 Module
Equine therapy 2 UIEXCE-10-3 Module
Equine therapy and rehabilitation UIEV4P-15-3 Module
Equine veterinary science UIEXN5-15-1 Module
Equitation UIEXN6-15-1 Module
Ethics and welfare UINXSW-15-2 Module
Event management & fundraising UISXRN-15-2 Module
Exercise physiology UISXSB-15-2 Module
Farm management UILXP6-15-1 Module
Farm mechanisation and buildings UILXSX-15-1 Module
Field course UINXSY-15-2 Module
Fitness training and testing UISXRU-15-2 Module
Forage management UILXT3-15-2 Module
Forestry management UILXT4-15-2 Module
Fundamental skills for equine therapy UIEV6F-30-1 Module
Fundamental skills for the animal scientist UINV69-15-1 Module
Fundamental skills for the equine scientist UIEXNL-30-1 Module
Fundamentals of sports performance UISXL6-15-1 Module
Fundamentals of strength and power in performance UISV5E-15-1 Module
Game and deer management UILXT5-15-2 Module
Ground schooling and rehabilitation UIEXRE-15-2 Module
Health related exercise UISXS5-15-2 Module
High performing environments UISXN3-15-M Module
Horse and rider performance UIEXRH-30-2 Module
Horse and rider performance 2 UIEXCM-10-3 Module
Human resource management UISV5T-15-2 Module
Independent report UINXRX-15-2 Module
Injury prevention and rehabilitation UISV3X-15-3 Module
International academic study portfolio UINXRP-15-2 Module
International academic study project UINXRQ-30-2 Module
Introduction to agricultural systems UILXT6-15-1 Module
Introduction to animal behaviour UINXK7-15-1 Module
Introduction to animal welfare UINXK9-15-1 Module
Introduction to equestrian sports UIEXN7-30-1 Module
Introduction to equine behaviour UIEXRF-15-2 Module
Introduction to equitation UIEXQX-15-0 Module
Introduction to exercise physiology UISXL7-15-1 Module
Introduction to functional anatomy and biomechanics for sports therapists UISV5H-30-1 Module
Introduction to functional anatomy and sports biomechanics UISXL8-30-1 Module
Introduction to sport and exercise psychology UISXLE-15-1 Module
Introduction to sports coaching UISXLR-15-1 Module
Introduction to sports nutrition UISV5A-15-1 Module
Introduction to the performance environment UISXLW-30-1 Module
Introduction to the principles of marketing UISV5S-15-1 Module
Introduction to the sports industry UISXM9-15-1 Module
Introduction to veterinary science UINXR3-15-1 Module
Introductory skills for sports therapists UISXTG-15-1 Module
Investigating equestrian research UIEV6Y-15-M Module
Investigative skills for the successful undergraduate UINV4Y-15-3 Module
Labour and machinery management UILXT7-15-2 Module
Land based professional development UILVLW-30-2 Module
Land based work placement 2 UILVK3-30-2 Module
Learning in the performance environment UISXLY-30-1 Module
Life at the limits UINXJT-10-3 Module
Mammalian systems biology UINXR4-15-1 Module
Management of domestic animals UINXT8-30-2 Module
Management of equestrian facilities UIEXN9-15-1 Module
Management of the performance horse UIEVBK-30-2 Module
Managing performance and professional reflection UISV3Y-30-3 Module
Media, technology and communication in sport UISV43-15-3 Module
Neonatal and foal medicine UIEV4Q-15-3 Module
New venture creation UISXTX-15-2 Module
Notational analysis UISXQN-20-3 Module
Olympic weightlifting UISV6K-15-2 Module
Pathology UINXT9-15-2 Module
Patient care UINXPY-30-1 Module
Patient care 2 for veterinary nurses UINXQ8-15-2 Module
Pedagogy in practice UISXMY-15-M Module
People, leadership and change UISV44-15-3 Module
Performance analysis UISV45-15-3 Module
Peripheral mobilisation UISXTL-15-2 Module
Personal and management development UINXM8-30-1 Module
Pet behaviour counselling UINV3K-15-3 Module
Pharmacology UINXJK-10-3 Module
Pharmacology UINV3L-15-3 Module
Pharmacy management UINXNE-10-2 Module
Pharmacy management for veterinary nurses UINXQ4-15-1 Module
Placement for veterinary nurses UINV6H-45-2 Module
Placement for veterinary nurses UINVL8-45-2 Module
Placement preparation for veterinary nurses UINXQ3-15-1 Module
Population specific strength and conditioning UISV5F-15-2 Module
Postgraduate dissertation UINVL5-60-M Module
Postgraduate dissertation UINX44-60-M Module
Postgraduate independent study UINVL4-15-M Module
Practical techniques in strength and conditioning UISV64-15-M Module
Preparation for clinical practice UIEXKW-15-M Module
Principles of animal behaviour UINXQ5-15-1 Module
Principles of animal biology UINXK8-15-0 Module
Principles of livestock production UINXP5-15-1 Module
Principles of sports massage UISVPB-20-2 Module
Principles of sports nutrition UISXPV-15-2 Module
Principles of strength and conditioning UISXM3-15-1 Module
Principles of the performance environment UISXSE-30-2 Module
Professional development in sport UISV46-30-3 Module
Professional development portfolio UISXMV-15-M Module
Professional development project UISV5C-15-3 Module
Professional placement experience UISVK5-15-2 Module
Professional practice in sports therapy UISV5J-30-3 Module
Professional veterinary nursing practice UINXMQ-30-1 Module
Professional veterinary nursing practice UINXPX-15-1 Module
Project management in action UISV48-15-3 Module
Psychology of sports performance UISXPK-30-1 Module
Recovery and monitoring for sports performance UISV5G-15-3 Module
Reflection on practice UINV6B-15-M Module
Reflective coaching UISXQE-20-3 Module
Reflective portfolio UISXS7-30-3 Module
Reflective practice UISXMX-15-M Module
Reflective veterinary nursing practice UINVL9-15-2 Module
Reflective veterinary nursing practice UINXNG-30-2 Module
Research methods UINXPU-15-2 Module
Rider performance UIEXKR-15-M Module
Rugby union - professional development portfolio UISV3F-30-M Module
Rugby union - the technical tactical study UISV3E-30-M Module
Rural business planning UILXTA-15-2 Module
Sandwich year work placement UINXHW-20-2 Module
Sandwich year work placement UINVK6-15-2 Module
School sport development UISXS3-30-2 Module
Science of training response and adaptation UISV65-30-M Module
Screening and prevention UISV49-15-3 Module
Skill acquisition UISXM4-15-1 Module
Skills development for equine business management UIEXNM-15-1 Module
Soft tissue techniques UISXSC-15-2 Module
Soil and nutrient management UILXTB-15-1 Module
Special populations UISV55-15-3 Module
Sport and hospitality management UISXRL-15-2 Module
Sport development and leadership UISXM5-15-1 Module
Sport psychology UISXRV-15-2 Module
Sport psychology in action UISV4A-15-3 Module
Sport science for coaches UISV4B-15-3 Module
Sports business experience UISXTY-30-2 Module
Sports coaching UISXPN-30-1 Module
Sports conditioning and return-to-play UISV4C-15-3 Module
Sports development, organisation and governance UISXU3-15-2 Module
Sports entrepreneurship UISXPQ-30-2 Module
Sports facility management UISXMU-15-1 Module
Sports injuries and rehabilitation UISXPT-15-2 Module
Sports injury and pathology UISXM7-15-1 Module
Sports injury assessment UISV4D-15-3 Module
Sports leadership UISXRW-15-2 Module
Sports marketing and sponsorship UISXQK-20-3 Module
Sports massage UISXTJ-15-1 Module
Sports nutrition UISXS9-15-2 Module
Sports rehabilitation UISXTM-15-2 Module
Sports sponsorship and brand development UISV53-15-3 Module
Sports studies work experience UISXPE-30-1 Module
Sports studies work experience 2 UISXPP-15-2 Module
Sports, exercise and health pedagogies UISXPR-30-2 Module
Strategic management UISV54-15-3 Module
Strength and conditioning UISXP9-30-1 Module
Strength and conditioning from theory to practice UISV66-15-M Module
Study trip UISXS6-15-2 Module
Surgical and anaesthesia practice for veterinary nurses UINXQ7-15-2 Module
Sustainable crop production UILV3P-15-3 Module
Sustainable land use UILXP7-15-1 Module
Sustainable management of natural resources UILV3Q-15-3 Module
Systems biology UINXK4-15-1 Module
The human-animal bond UINV6C-15-M Module
The injured athlete UISXSD-15-2 Module
The legacy and impact of sports events UISV4E-15-3 Module
The professional veterinary nurse UINXKF-20-3 Module
The professional veterinary nurse UINXQV-30-3 Module
The reflective coach UISXRY-15-2 Module
The research process UINXKT-15-M Module
The sport service environment UISV5R-15-2 Module
The world at work UINVLE-20-2 Module
Therapy and rehabilitation of the equine athlete UIEXKS-15-M Module
Training the youth athlete UISV6J-15-2 Module
Undergraduate dissertation UINV3R-45-3 Module
Undergraduate dissertation for sports therapists UISV5B-45-3 Module
Undergraduate independent study UINV3M-15-3 Module
Undergraduate research process UINXU5-15-2 Module
Understanding business and financial information UISV5V-15-1 Module
Understanding the business and economic environment UISV5Q-15-1 Module
Understanding veterinary diagnostics and physiotherapy assessment UIEVX4-30-M Module
Vertebral mobilisation UISV4F-15-2 Module
Veterinary physiotherapy rehabilitation UIEVX5-30-M Module
Wildlife and species management UILXTC-15-2 Module
Wildlife and zoo management UINV3N-15-3 Module
Wildlife conflict UINV6D-15-M Module
Wildlife ecology UINXNQ-30-1 Module
Wildlife habitat management UILXTE-15-2 Module
Wildlife surveying and data handling UILXTD-30-1 Module
Work-based learning project coaching craft UISVM4-30-M Module

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