1. L2 brush up! 1 item
    This book is a great reference book for looking up the basics if you cannot remember them easily
    1. Immunology: an illustrated outline - David Male c2014

      Book  This is a fabulous and concise reference book for brushing up on the basics from your L2 Immunology

  2. Core reference books 2 items
    These books are great for supplementary reading around the subject. At M level we do not use any book exclusively but rather build your lectures using a combination of resources including research papers, books and conferences. Background reading is a great way of underpinning your understanding. Both this and the Kuby Immunology are perfect for background reading (not intended for reading cover to cover though, as they are a bit weighty and go into more detail than you will need in some places and much less in others!). You will of course be supplementing this with journal articles conference day lectures, discussion, groups tutorials and citircal thinking- to make it M level.
    1. Immunology - David K. Male 2006

      Book  This book is great for supplementary reading around the subject. As above it is best used to dip into around areas you could use some more explanation with, or gain a different perspective on.

    2. Kuby immunology - Judith A. Owen, Jenni Punt, Sharon A. Stranford, Patricia P. Jones 2013

      Book  Kuby has a very different feel to Male Immunology- I generally find it much more 'chatty'. Take a look at both and see which suits you best. Some chapters eg antigen presentation are better covered in this one.