1. General Resources for PDG 6 items
    The resources in this section will help you to better understand and articulate the particular employability skills, knowledge and other attributes offered by geography students/graduates. It also includes information about potential career destinations for geographers.
    1. Careers with geography

      Webpage Core Reading A really useful resource on geography careers produced by the Royal Geographical Society. Start by reading: Careers You Can Go into and Skills that can be Utilized.

    2. Going Places with Geography Part 1 5/2/2008

      Audio-visual document Further Reading Produced by the Royal Geographical Society (see also part 2), this film might inspire you to think about some of the many exciting careers that are open to geographers. The film profiles 25 of potentially hundreds of career destinations. The Prospects Careers Planner (see Careers Session 1 below) will help you to identify the careers and roles that are the best match with your skills and personality.

    3. Going Places with Geography Part 2 5/2/2008

      Audio-visual document Further Reading

    4. Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences: Employability Resources Pack

      Document Further Reading Produced by the Higher Education Academy, this document will help you to clearly articulate to employers the particular skills, knowledge and other attributes offered by geography students/graduates.

    5. QAA Benchmark Statement: Geography

      Document Further Reading Similar to the document above (but from a more academic perspective). The Benchmark Statements for Geography might be useful in helping you to clearly articulate to employers the particular skills and knowledge that geography students/graduates offer.

    6. What can I do with a geography degree? |

      Webpage Further Reading A useful resource from the Prospect website that gives an overview of the career destinations of geography graduates.

  2. Professional Portfolio 8 items
    The resources in this section are relevant to the Professional Portofolio (Component B) of your assessment.
    1. An introduction to geographical information systems - D. Ian Heywood, Sarah Cornelius, Steve Carver 2011 (electronic resource)

      Book Core Reading

    2. Why Reflective Writing? - General |

      Webpage Core Reading An excellent resource produced by the UWE library. It includes videos that explain what reflective writing is and why it is important. It also provides links to further reading and resources that will help you to develop your understanding of and proficiency in reflective writing.

    3. Reflective Writing Guidance

      Document  This is potentially quite a challenging read. Recommended for anyone who is particularly interested to increase the depth and sophistication of their reflective writing. If nothing else you might like to try the exercise (page 6-10) to help develop your appreciation of the difference between descriptive reflection and critical reflection.

    4. GISā€based multicriteria decision analysis: a survey of the literature - Jacek Malczewski 08/2006

      Article Further Reading Multicriteria decision making is one of the most frequently implemented applications in GIS. This review paper provides an excellent introduction to the range of disciplines in which it has been pursued.

    5. Characterising the urban environment of UK cities and towns: A template for landscape planning - Susannah E. Gill, John F. Handley, A. Roland Ennos, Stephan Pauleit 2008-9


  3. Careers Session 1: Week beginning November 6th 2 items
    1. Career Planner |

      Webpage Core Reading This quick and simple test will help you to match your skills and personality to the most suitable careers and roles. Even if you feel very sure about the future career that you are aiming for, it might be worth checking this goal against the results of this test.

    2. Choose a career |

      Webpage Core Reading This easy-to-read guide will help explain the context for and give an overview of the career planning topics that we will cover in the Careers section of PDG.

  4. Speculative Applications 3 items
    Here are links to useful guidance on how to make a speculative application. This is particularly useful for placements in the environmental/sustainability/development fields, which are often not advertised.