1. Television: technology and cultural form - Raymond Williams, Ederyn Williams 2003 (electronic resource)

    Book Core Reading This is an important, seminal text. feel free to read it all, but for class you need to read pp. 86-96

  2. Desperately seeking the audience - Ang 1991

    Book Core Reading Read Introduction: (Not) Knowing the Television Audience’, pp1-15 notes pages

  3. Branding television - Catherine Johnson c2012

    Book Core Reading Please read Chapter 5, pp 115-130. There is also an e-version of this book

  4. Television and sexuality: regulation and the politics of taste - Jane Arthurs 2004

    Book Core Reading Please read the chapter entitled ‘Sexual Citizenship in the Digital Age’, pp20-37. There is also an e-version of this text.

  5. Reality TV: remaking television culture - Susan Murray, Laurie Ouellette c2009

    Book Core Reading The chapter you need to read is: Murray, S. ‘I think We Need a New Name for It’, pp 65-81

  6. The television genre book 2015

    Book Core Reading Please read ‘Introduction: What is Genre?’, pp1-7 Take note of what is being argued about genre as cultural form/s.

  7. Teen TV: genre, consumption, identity - Glyn Davis, Kay Dickinson 2004

    Book Core Reading Read 'Introduction', pp 1-13

  8. Connected viewing: selling, streaming, & sharing media in the digital era - Jennifer Holt, Kevin Sanson 2014

    Book Core Reading Read Lee, H J. And Andrejevic, M ‘Second Screen Theory: From the Democratic Surround to the Digital Enclosure’, pp 40-61

  9. In the Living Room - Sherryl Wilson 02/2016

    Article Core Reading

  10. i-Docs: the evolving practices of interactive documentary 2017

    Book Core Reading Please read Nash, K. ‘i-Docs and the Documentary Tradition: Exploring Questions of Citizenship’, pp 9-27

  11. Social class and television drama in contemporary Britain 2017

    Book Further Reading Some interesting essays relating to class and TV drama in the UK.

  12. Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields: War Crimes Unpunished Wednesday, 14 Mar 2012

    Audio-visual document Further Reading A follow-up to the 2011 documentary Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields which we have seen in class.

  13. Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields: War Crimes Unpunished Tuesday, 14 Jun 2011

    Audio-visual document Further Reading This is a the entire documentary - clips from which we will see in class.

  14. Digitisations 2 items
    1. Gender in the media - Niall Richardson, Sadie Wearing 2014


  15. Recent articles from the journal CSTOnline (Critical Studies in Television). 0 items
    These are a series of articles that address the issue of ephemeral TV from a range of perspectives. Recommended.
  16. Beyond catch-up - Catherine Johnson 06/2017


  17. Building digital estates - Elizabeth Evans, Tim Coughlan, Vicky Coughlan 06/2017


  18. Academic Report: Overall Structure 9/7/2014

    Audio-visual document Further Reading

  19. YouTube video on Report Writing 1 item
    1. Academic Report: Overall Structure 9/7/2014

      Audio-visual document Further Reading

  20. Hidden Love: Animal Passions (Documentary) - Real Stories 12/5/2016

    Audio-visual document Further Reading This is the Channel 4 (1999) Hidden Love documentary on zoophilia.

  21. How Facebook Changed the World -- the story of the Arab Spring episode 1 4/5/2014

    Audio-visual document Further Reading The full documentary on YouTube