1. The Biology of disease - Jonathan Phillips, Paul Murray, Paul Kirk 2001


  2. Hoffbrand's essential haematology - A. V. Hoffbrand, P. A. H. Moss 2016


  3. Clinical biochemistry & metabolic medicine - Martin Crook c[2012


  4. Core L2 reference 1 item
    This book is a great reference book, which is super concise and supported by pictures for those who like that way of learning. I woudl highly recommend a loof through this after each lecture.
    1. Immunology - Male, David 01/01/2014

      Book  This is a fabulous and concise reference book for brushing up on the basics from your L2 Immunology

  5. Higher level reference books 2 items
    These books are ideal if you are loving immunology and want to know more more more (and if you are planning to head into third year with immunology). You do not need to buy it - you can access a hard copy from the library.
    1. Immunology - David K. Male 2006

      Book  This book is great for supplementary reading around the subject. As above it is best used to dip into around areas you could use some more explanation with, or gain a different perspective on.

    2. Kuby immunology - Judith A. Owen, Jenni Punt, Sharon A. Stranford, Patricia P. Jones 2013

      Book  Kuby has a very different feel to Male Immunology- I generally find it much more 'chatty'. Take a look at both and see which suits you best. Some chapters eg antigen presentation are better covered in this one.